The One about Good Morning, World!!!

Good morning, Vietna – oh, wait… Adrian Cronauer already used that.

And “Good morning, Lakeland!” doesn’t seem to have the impact.

Well, what can I say. Here launches my new blog. The thoughts, ramblings, and rumblings of one D. G. Speirs – writer, actor, and nominal owner of Houdini, the cat with the foot fetish.

I’ll update you on writings, on acting, on thoughts, on semi-cool and cool stuff as I see fit. And Hopefully you’ll gain insight into an artists’s mind along the way.

So good morning, world – and welcome.



About D. G. Speirs

D. G. Speirs is a storyteller living and working in Florida as an author and blogger. His latest novel, TRIANGLE:WILDCARD, is now available on
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