The One about Good Morning, World!!!

Good morning, Vietna – oh, wait… Adrian Cronauer already used that.

And “Good morning, Lakeland!” doesn’t seem to have the impact.

Well, what can I say. Here launches my new blog. The thoughts, ramblings, and rumblings of one D. G. Speirs – writer, actor, and nominal owner of Houdini, the cat with the foot fetish.

I’ll update you on writings, on acting, on thoughts, on semi-cool and cool stuff as I see fit. And Hopefully you’ll gain insight into an artists’s mind along the way.

So good morning, world – and welcome.



About D. G. Speirs

D.G. Speirs is a storyteller, novelist and voice actor living in Florida. He keeps searching for better stories to tell, even if he has to make them up himself. His latest novel, THE AGENCY, is now available on
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