The One Where Jess Writes a Book…

Remember where I wrote a book? And I told you about it, yadda, yadda, yadda…

Guess what? My friend wrote a book, too! Only my friend is, unlike me, an actual, certified, really cool person. He’s Jess Winfield, one of the founders of the Reduced Shakespeare Company, and he’s written a wicked funny book that comes out tomorrow.

To quote the website directly:

In a groundbreaking e-book, fiftysomething food blogger Don Miguel de Los Angeles no McDonalds sets out to walk from Los Angeles to San Francisco to find The Perfect Burrito. The tale is narrated by this latter-day Don Quixote’s “Sancha:” sheltered, twentyish half Chicana Valley girl Maria Sanchez. Part California travelogue and part hilarious Don Quixote spoof, at the story’s core is the emotional journey of Maria, a young woman caught between teenager and adult, American and Latina, and of her curious attachment to the white, Hispanic-wannabe Don Miguel. While the story is fictional, the California locations and the survey of the state’s best burritos are delightfully, mouthwateringly real. The e-book tale is accompanied by a host of audiovisual extras to enhance the reader experience, and you can access them all here.

What can I say? I mean, besides buy my e-book? Simple – BUY HIS E-BOOK, too! It releases tomorrow into the wild and promises to be at least a hoot and a half!

And if you want to understand what The Perfect Burrito is all about, visit the website. Trust me, it all makes sense.

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