The One About Hostess…


Thestory came across the news wire about an hour ago. After a strike by bakery employees, Hostess, the erstwhile bakery of my youth, has filed with their bankruptcy judge to shut down and liquidate all their assets.They have called the union’s bluff.

But the result for me… no more Twinkies.

No more Twinkies????????

No more golden sponge cake cake and wonderful creamy vanilla filling? No more memories of my youth, sure that these will stay in my locker in college, safe and ready for me to eat months later when other foods have succumbed to mold and penicillin?

No more Ding Dongs, whose silver foil wrapping provided me the chance to make shots of fake basketball prowess afterwards (off the water cooler, through the desk, bounced off the pencil sharpener and into the trashcan through the tiny basketball hoop there, nothing but net)?

No more Snowballs, a shade of radioactive pink yet with a dusting of coconut and always too big for your mouth, thus ensuring an explosion of crumbs on your first bite?

No! It could not be! We cannot lose such cultural food icons! Even if nutritionists decry these at part of a foodie wasteland, they still exist as part of a happy part of our heritage as a shared heritage as a fast food nation. They will be missed.

All we can hope is, just as Hasbro stepped forward to rescue certain games when Milton Bradley folded up shop in the 1970’s, some enterprising bakery will see the opportunity here and step forward to save these golden cakes, these tasty morsels of Americana.

One can but hope…

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