The One about Playing Catch-up

When you don’t post, one of two things happen…

     – People start to worry you’ve somehow fallen off the face of the earth or into a well. Speculation runs that perhaps aliens are involved, as well as probing of an indelicate nature. Health questions get asked, and before long, your obituary gets written prematurely.


      – Nothing happens, no one even notices that you haven’t been online for a couple of weeks, and you start to wonder if you were, in fact, abducted by said aliens, it would matter if you were probed, indelicately or not.

And you start to write your own obituary.

I’m working to avoid either of those cases from happening. So instead, I’ll discuss what has happened in the interim…

– Rehearsals are completed for “Miracle on 34th Street.” The Santafication process is over, and now it is time to spread holiday joy to Tampa. Or Brandon. Or, well, to Valrico, which is a very tiny place just outside of Brandon that doesn’t appear on a map until you zoom in. A lot.

Image– I was invited to Thanksgiving dinner at someone’s home. The host promptly became ill and had to be quarantined. Coincidence? Hmmm….

– I was able to use charm, good manners and a little bit of luck to obtain a table for one at the new Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. I’ll be posting pictures and more later. But let’s just say this right up front. This is probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever been privileged to see.

– The second free promotion day for the novel was held on November 24th, in conjunction with Thanksgiving weekend. It was so successful, Triangle False Mirror actually reached number two on the genre best seller list for the day! Sales have improved since then as well.

– I am scheduled to do a book reading and appearance in the Seattle area at a school. Ill be discussing how, as a writer, you can take a thought and elaborate upon it by adding description phrasing, through the use of adjectives. I’ll be showing the students how a section of my novel went from notes to finished product. And we’ll be doing some free giveaways as part of the promotion as well.

– And work on the new novel continued at a good clip. More on that in another post to come soon, but one happy piece of news – Triangle:Tarot passed the 50,000 word mark in 30 days, meaning it is another official NaNoWriMo winner. But please note, 50,000 words is not a complete first draft – more on that soon enough.

– As for writing “Tarot,” in the past two weeks I managed to black out half of Key West, hit it with a hurricane, deliberately set off a B.L.E.V.E. to cover my hero’s tracks, learned the values of both cranberry and key lime wines, figured out how to spoof a dedicated bio electric monitoring device and fell in love with a new character, only to come to the point where I have to do something to her I don’t want to, in order to write the story I was originaly given all those months ago.

– Finally, I’ve been forced to finally turn on the heat here in Florida, after temperatures actually dipped below 50 degrees Fahrenheit on a couple of evenings. But the days are still bright and sunny, and for the most part warm and toasty.

So now I’m back in the saddle, with time to figure out how to be the writer, be the blogger, and become the “personality” that sells books, sells appearances and more than that, sells myself.

The obit will have to wait just a little while longer.

About D. G. Speirs

D.G. Speirs is a storyteller, novelist and voice actor living in Florida. He keeps searching for better stories to tell, even if he has to make them up himself. His latest novel, THE AGENCY, is now available on
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