The One about The Third Middle Duke of All Media(tm)

As a New Year’s Resolution, on January 1st I listed my goal for 2013 was to become the Third Middle Duke of All Media ™.

Why Third Middle Duke? Well, as you know, the positions of King Of All Media and Queen Of All Media are both filled, and neither Howard nor Oprah appear ready to give up their jobs anytime soon. (Thought Oprah might there for a while, but she did that whole Lance Armstrong thingie again just to prove she’s relevant.)

Also, in the interest of being rigorously honest, I’m just not quite that ambitious. Call it lazy, or self-deprecating, but in the end, I come from a place where being a good middle manager would be nice. I’m quirky. I like being quirky.

So, part of building a successful campaign toward Dukiness is defining just what a successful Third Middle Duke of all Media ™ does.

Of course, I would write. Already been doing that (and I’ll post specific goals for that activity in another post), so we’ll mark that with a squiggly, well-formed and attractive check mark.

But I’m also an actor. For forty years that’s really been a major part of how I defined myself as a human being. I almost came to see myself as “Master Thespian.”

So this year, I’m defining performing goals as an actor – Do’s, Don’ts and Maybe’s:

Some Sort of Show. Great Sketch Comedy, incredibly talented people, and poised, I believe, to become one of the hip breakout acts in the Tampa Bay area.
Voice Acting. I did a bunch years ago, but frankly I got rid of all my equipment and let my voice almost go. I’m going to rebuild the home studio, redo the training, and put together a portfolio again.
Santa. Too much fun, although I’ll have to see if I can find local area gigs this year in FL. But as long as they’ll have me, I will continue to be the Santa for the Seattle Seahawks Blue Thunder Drum Line.

Want to do theater in the worst way…. because that ended up being what I ended up with last year.
Give It Away. If you don’t believe you are skilled and talented enough to be paid for what you do, neither will anyone else.
Be Desperate. The truth is, I am an author first. That transition took forty years, but the journey’s incredible. As such, for the first time, I don’t NEED acting. And that’s a relief.

– Improv. 
I did it in college. I did it again in Japan, and Seattle, and Orlando when I first arrived. And I use these skills as a writer, when I’m exploring characters and scenarios. So, depending on how comfortable I am, time commitment wise, I may accept an invite to play with a couple of troupes up in the Orlando area this year, just to dust off the skills.
Classes. Acting / Dance / Movement / Voice / Singing. Any of these are an investment, both of time and money, in me as an instrument. In recent lean times, I abandoned all such investments. How and when I reinvest will take an honest assessment of longer term goals.
Community Theater. If the circumstances are RIGHT. Right means no compromise. Directors and performers who know what they are doing, organizations that are committed to quality in their organization, business model and presentation, and productions that present appeal to me either as a role I have fondness for or a real burning desire to do. But the fact remains – I don’t NEED theater any more. So this is a really, really weak ‘maybe.’

So, it’s time to move forward on building the Dukedom of D.G.! I am especially looking forward to the floppy hat with the feather, the puffy shirt and the tights.

About D. G. Speirs

D.G. Speirs is a storyteller, novelist and voice actor living in Florida. He keeps searching for better stories to tell, even if he has to make them up himself. His latest novel, THE AGENCY, is now available on
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