The One About Bonnie Franklin

Bonnie Franklin (photo (c) CBSNEWS,com)

Bonnie Franklin (photo (c) CBSNEWS,com)

As a teenager growing up in Southern California, I was afforded the opportunity to go see the taping of television shows. One of my favorite memories we the time I went and saw the taping of “One Day at A Time.” The cast and crew were consummate professionals, including Bonnie Franklin, who came out afterwards and said hello to the theatre class that was attending the taping.

So it was with sadness I heard last night of Bonnie Franklin’s passing yesterday at the age of 69 from pancreatic cancer. She was a wonderful actress, a Broadway star (nominated for a Tony in 1970 for the musical “Applause”), and for so many newly single moms in the seventies, a true role model.

So many folks now have no idea who she was…and that’s a shame. She was a spacial lady, and she will be missed, at least by this writer.

so, for one last time, this is it…

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