The One About Eating My Words and Godspell

There is a saying. Actually, it’s more of a prayer…

Lord, make my words soft and tender today,
for tomorrow I may have to eat them.

Well, yesterday, I didn’t speak softly or tenderly. I spoke from a place of ignorance, from rumor, innuendo, misinformation and assumption. And so I wrote a lot of words that basically made me look like an ass yesterday.

he simple fact is, I was wrong about the composition of the cast of the production of Godpsell that the Village Players in Valrico are putting on. They posted a promotional video yesterday, shot during a dress rehearsal  showing the cast. It’s set to the original cast recording, so there is no way to tell the overall vocal quality of the cast. But from the video, you can see that at least half the cast is young – in there twenties.

Now, this doesn’t mean the show doesn’t skew old. The person playing Stephen (the Judas role) is an older actor, as are a majority of the women and, of course, Jesus. But the choreography is energetic and designed to work within their limitations, if the video is any indications. In fact, the promotional video shows the entire project, blocking and choreography, to be highly enthusiastic. I attribute that completely to the co-director and choreographer, Lois Green.

Bottom line – the production appears to be energetic, enthusiastic and works well within the limitations that a mixed-age castlike this would have. Younger performers will surely push the energy level through the roof on this show. Here’s hoping everyone else keeps up.

The Valrico Village Players production of Godspell runs from March 8 through March 23. Info is available here.

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