The One About “Keeper”

Gordon Bressack is one of the most talented men I know. A writer for animated television shows such as “Tiny Toon Adventures,” “Animaniacs,” and “Pinky and The Brain,” he was one of the writers responsible for one of the most famous (or infamous) pun-filled scripts in animation history – “You Said A Mouseful.” It included lines such as this:

The Brain: So you sacked the cocky khaki kicky sack sock plucker?

Mr. Sackett: The second cocky khaki kicky sack sock plucker I sacked since the sixth sitting sheet slitter got sick!

In 2011 Gordon did a short film called “Keeper.” It’s an amazing piece of work, edgy and dark, enough to make you squirm in your seat as you watch it. But you can’t look away…and you won;t want to. Trust me, the payoff is worth it.

You can visit it here. Enjoy!

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