The One About… Corners…

I’m writing this morning from a hotel room in Decatur, IL. There’s a story behind why I’m in Decatur, IL, one that will be a future post. But this morning, I’m in a very flat, very frigid, very gray town, hoping for inspiration, hoping to find an out from a corner I’ve painted myself into…
… and it’s not working.

It’s a TRIANGLE issue. Actually, it’s a Rose problem,. I have BIG plans for Rose in the book coming up. Linch pin-ish kind of plans. But there’s a little problem.

At the end of book two (TRIANGLE: WILDCARD), I had Amy rush out of Rose’s quarters to confront her sister, Angelica. Instead, she ran into Director Watson already doing so. We’re left on the precipice of a big reveal – one of the two unresolved cliffhangers from the second book. (Which I’m prepared to resolve right away). But she told Rose, “Wait here for me.”

Amy’s forgotten that part of it altogether. She’s not coming back. But Rose doesn’t know that. And I have no organic reason for Rose to leave her quarters and rejoin the action. None. Zippo. Bupkus. I could force her somewhere, but manipulating her, having her show up somewhere seems way too ex Machina – I would really like to avoid that.

So, I’ve been brainstorming. I’ve been working on other projects (2nd draft of The Agency for Think Alike Productions is finished). Still struggling with the screenplay for The Registry. Having fun with Finder’s Keeper, although I need a new 2nd act.  And enjoying reading a story by an author whose work I absolutely love, Chrys Cymri.

Hopefully, I’ll figure my way out of this corner without too heavily a rewrite.


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