The One About The Slow Walk…

I’m deep into the process on Hex. The first draft was finished, printed out, and I spent the better part of two weeks unplugged from the world electronically while I went through the paper copy and chopped it to pieces.

When I finished, I gave myself a reward. I treated myself to a couple of days binge watching on Netflix. I was surprised to find a show a liked years ago, Justice League, was on there. So, I dove right in.

Amazing how well the show has held up. In retrospect, it tends a bit toward combat more quickly than I remembered. but it still was pretty sophisticated and inventive in the action sequences.

But it’s the intro that always gets me. The show used a CGI set of silhouettes to introduce the characters in a reveal that is to this day one of the most breathtaking opens of any show. The characters do a slow walk, (sometimes known as a hero’s walk) toward the camera as the sun rises behind then and reveals them.

The show ran from 2001-2003. Here, almost 14 years later, it’s still remembered.

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