The One About… Mandalay Bay and The No Good, Very Bad Day

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I visited the Mandalay Bay for years. The convention center was the host site for the PPAI convention annually, and I enjoyed staying at the hotel. I know the site of the event, a large open space across from the hotel. From the 32nd floor, this would have been like shooting fish in a barrel.

This mass shooting is domestic terrorism. It has equivalents – many will scramble to look back at the shooting at the University of Texas in 1966, where a sniper set himself up in a tower on campus and began to fire randomly. In terms of impact, it will gut punch like Columbine or Sandy Hook.

And yet… nothing will happen.

Watch. Watch in amazement as nothing happens in response to this.

One could ask where the shooter obtained an automatic weapon (that sound was unmistakable), but since we have no stomach as a nation to pursue illegal weapons dealers, for fear of finding that they are the same as the legal weapons dealers.

Still, nothing will happen.

Oh, I’m sure we’ll hear the NRA and similar organizations making a statement decrying the loss of life, and declaring the cause of mass shootings are people gathering in groups. Think about – no groups, no group targets. They’ll recommend that Congress should look at curtailing those. After all, for them, the Second always trumps the First.

But as I said, nothing will happen.

As a nation, we are so savage we not only didn’t care twenty children were killed in a mass shooting five years ago, a number of us question if it happened. They claim a hoax, a conspiracy at work. I wonder what tin-foil dreams are building around this. Yet, even so, our collective will ensures one thing.

Nothing will happen.

I fear we have very little goodwill anymore. So what good will come of this?

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