The One About… Piles and Driving

I have too much stuff.

This comes not as a dawning revelation. I’ve probably been aware of it for some time, but have ignored it because having stuff has met another need in my life. There were times when I haven’t had stuff. There were other times when I’ve only been able to afford less than quality stuff, stuff that is, or was, at best mediocre.

But really, why does one man need thirty-seven t-shirts?

A new method of cleaning one’s space involves taking all the items off your shelves, placing them in a pile in the middle of your room and then going through them, one by one. If it inspires joy, you keep it. If not, out it goes. Hence, not so many t-shirts. Or socks.

Or books, it turns out.

Part of what is driving this is a reevaluation of what priorities matter. I’ve stepped back to consider those projects in progress.

My YA novel HEX is a mess. I started workshopping it with a writing group over three month period, and I totally lost it in that time. I took so many of their suggestions to heart that I lost my confidence in the story I wanted to tell. So it’s now in a drawer, cooling off, waiting for me to return to it, probably in 2Q of 2019.

My novelization of The Agency for Think Alike Productions is in the midst of its final draft. We’ve negotiated my split for compensation from sales of the book and percentage off the back end as the IP goes onto other media based on my work. We’ll be looking for an editor early in 2Q of 2019.

I’d like to return to the Triangle series. I have the plot for the third novel, as well as a prequel, but I’d like to do some travel for research. Pam and I are discussing a trip to Europe for this. Brexit may complicate this.

The Finder’s Keeper online story has been on hold for quite some time. It needs a resolution, but I was writing it on a tightrope, a week at a time, and I frankly am not sure where it will go from here. It may be an unfinished story for a while longer.

Finally, there is the Tao of Maud. I’ll write a post that details the experiences I had in December regarding the decision to continue that project. But it does, for another year, under modified design. However, it is part of the consideration of what brings me joy. Considering all the attacks, it no longer does.

That should tell me something going forward.

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D.G. Speirs is a storyteller, novelist and voice actor living in Florida. He keeps searching for better stories to tell, even if he has to make them up himself. His latest novel, THE AGENCY, is now available on
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