The One About… Smashwords

Now available on Smashwords!

The news is simple enough. The Agency is now available on Smashwords.

Why is this special? My history with Snashwords isn’t that great. My novella, Triangle: Rescue was hijacked off their, translated to Russian, and posted for free. Thousands of copies were downloaded. Even worse, Amazon’s price matching algoritm found the free listing for the book and reduced the price on their site to match. Again, thousands of copies were downloaded from there as well. It took nine months and lots of correspondence to get the book unpublished and price corrected.

But all of that happened more than a half-decade ago. Smashwords has upgraded their platform and security. By now, they understand that those lost sales for me were lost revenue for them as well. I doubt I was the only title that happened to.

The advantage of going to Smashwords now is the sheer number of sales locations available. Instead of being Amazon (and Kindle) exclusive, The Agency will be available through dozens of ebook distribution channels around the world. Add to that the possibility of creating an audiobook version, and it makes sense to include them.

So fingers crossed. You can find the book here on Smashwords. Of course, if you simply refer Amazon, it’ll be available there as well.

On to the next project – on deadline, too.

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D.G. Speirs is a storyteller, novelist and voice actor living in Florida. He keeps searching for better stories to tell, even if he has to make them up himself. His latest novel, THE AGENCY, is now available on
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