The One About… Covid by the Numbers, Day 15

I’m an analytical sort of guy. With all the stuff coming out about the disease, and our response to it in the U.S., I decided to start a daily post each evening on Facebook. At 7 p.m., I’d take the numbers from the John Hopkins Covid-19 tracking site and do the math, trying to spot a hopeful trend in the numbers.

A little more than two weeks in, I’m still looking for that. The best news I’ve seen is the rate of growth compared to the total has slowly been trickling downward. That could mean it’s not running as fast through the population, or just a limit due to testing limitations. I suspect the latter.

I started on Facebook, added LinkedIn, and now will post here daily each evening. I’m still looking for the wave to crest – but it seems to be further and further away each day.

Tonight’s Covid-19 update:

As of 7 p.m., the John Hopkins website reports 308,533 cases in the U.S. That is an increase of 34,653, up from yesterday’s increase of 31,698. That is, once again, the largest number of cases reported in a day so far. The daily rate of increase was 12.7%, a slight downtick from yesterday’s 13.1%. The day over day change was 9.3%. The morbidity rate of Covid-19 in the U.S. ticked up again and is now 2.7%.

To put these in perspective:
Odds of contracting Covid-19: 1 in 1056
Odds if infected of recovery: 1 in 21
Odds if infected of fatality: 1 in 37

On the good news front, we had a dramatic increase in the number of recovered cases. It now stands at 14,520, a 52.5% increase from yesterday.

To give you some perspective on the spread:
From the first case to the 100,000th – 66 days
From 100,000 to 200,000 – 5 days
From 200,000 to 300,000 – 3 days

As always, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be kind to yourself and others.
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