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The One About Christmas Gifts…

Okay. I know it’s Monday the 22nd, and I’m a couple of days early, but I’m going to give all my friends (or at least the ones smart enough to (a) follow me and (b) pass the word on to … Continue reading

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The One About A Funny Thing Happened…

The job started as an “Oh by the way.” We’ve all had those in our lives. “Oh, by the way, can you….[insert something useful/interesting/distracting here] for me?” And you say sure, because mostly, they are no big deal. Except this … Continue reading

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The One About Talent Versus Hard Work…

One of the things I’ve mentioned in my bio and here at the web site is that I’ve been a performer for four decades. Actually, I’ve been performing in front of folks doing all sorts of things for years. I’ve … Continue reading

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