Short Stories

Preunderwoodchampionrings_1024x1024Short Stories

Riley (A Purple Cats in Space Adventure)
This was a microstory (500 words) written in response to a contest on a Facebook group. No, I didn’t win, but it was fun coming up with the tag at the end.

A short story where I first experimented with the concept of the ticking clock for suspense. The character served me so well I later resurrected him as one of the leads in my online novel, Finder’s Keeper.

Pretzel Problems
I’m not quite sure where this piece fits in. It might be fan-fiction, but it’s based on material from another source. There was an attraction at Epcot in Walt Disney World from 2009-2012 called the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. You would go to various countries as a member of Team Possible and help Wade solve mysteries and crimes. It used bluetoooth interactive activities, so the phone would trigger displays,  or animations.

One day, I had the idea of taking one of these adventures and writing the story from a first-person point of view, What if you were the agent living the adventure for real, rather than just a kid holding a phone in a theme park. I got to bring in some of the TV show, some other action adventure tropes, and a little bit of comedy. 9,000 words later, the adventure in Germany turned into Pretzel Problems.

Who knew snack foods could be so dangerous? Well, besides my dietician…