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The One About Christmas Gifts…

Okay. I know it’s Monday the 22nd, and I’m a couple of days early, but I’m going to give all my friends (or at least the ones smart enough to (a) follow me and (b) pass the word on to … Continue reading

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The One About A President’s Day Giveaway

I notice on the calendar we have a holiday coming up – President’s Day. Now, growing up, it wasn’t called that. I celebrated Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday – which means I’m basically, well, old. I thing we don’t respect these … Continue reading

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The one about News You Can Use…

News and Updates… – I ran a campaign to get friends on Facebook to like the fan page for novel Triangle: False Mirror. The goal was 100 likes by Jan 20. I’m happy to report we reached our goal. As … Continue reading

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