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The One About…The Tao of Maud Announcement…

My Tao of Maud project hits a “milestone” of sorts Tuesday (please pardon the pun) – the 1000th daily post since I started the project. Other than a small tweet noting it, I plan not to say anything now. However, … Continue reading

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The One About Christmas Gifts…

Okay. I know it’s Monday the 22nd, and I’m a couple of days early, but I’m going to give all my friends (or at least the ones smart enough to (a) follow me and (b) pass the word on to … Continue reading

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The One About Stuffies

As many of you know, I’m Santa – or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof  And while I’ve been used as a corporate spokes-icon for generations, I personally try to stay above picking one company over another in the mad rush … Continue reading

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