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The One About…Zen and the MLP that Might Have Been

As I’ve done the Tao of Maud project for a couple of years, on occasion I was asked to speak at Brony conventions about just what the Tao of Maud actually was. Bronies being Bronies, these invitations went away when then … Continue reading

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The One About… Amy Keating Rogers…

One of the other hats that I wear is the curator of a web collection I call “The Tao of Maud.” This is a curious confluence of Eastern philosophy, heavily Zen-influenced, and the ideas originally expressed in a children’s television … Continue reading

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The One About The Other Projects…

I mentioned in an earlier post I have two other “deadline-based” gigs. I should clarify. These gigs aren’t outside jobs, but my own creations. They each started from observations I noted while watching the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is … Continue reading

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