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The One About A President’s Day Giveaway

I notice on the calendar we have a holiday coming up – President’s Day. Now, growing up, it wasn’t called that. I celebrated Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday – which means I’m basically, well, old. I thing we don’t respect these … Continue reading

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The One About Life Mirroring Art

When I wrote Triangle:False Mirror, I set it a little while in the future. I didn’t specify a year, but there are just enough futuristic gadgets that don’t yet exist to give the book a slight science-fictiony feel. But I … Continue reading

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The One about Protecting Your Art…

The video is in a weird aspect ratio, the angle of the shot is less than appealing  the lighting is from fluorescent, all yellowish and a little sickly looking… And if you, like me, are a creative, someone who creates art or … Continue reading

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