The Agency

My newest novel, THE AGENCY, is based on the indie comic book of the same name from Think Alike Productions. As far as we’ve been able to determine, it is one of the few every based on a small indie title.

The intrigue of espionage and the wonders of magic combine in a tale that launches the world of the International Agency of Magic – run by its distinguished director Embry Eskyll. IAM agents work in a world where magic is a real, if not completely accepted, part of everyday life. But just as those agents catch a lead about a shadowy organization that threatens the balance between the Gifted and everyone else, they are directed to deal with a newly emerged mage, Riley Dean – a teenage orphan with a history of bouncing between foster home and institutions.

Distracted by their new task, the IAM is caught flatfooted when the perceived threat becomes very real. But why does the Director, amidst all the chaos, seem so focused on Riley and his training? Agents Winter, Remo, and their team travel around the globe in pursuit of arcane terrorists even as they work to understand the purpose of this magical prodigy.

Based on the graphic novel from Think Alike Productions, this telling expands on the world created on the pages of this groundbreaking comic.

Now available on Amazon and Smashwords.