36-431-024-05One of my goals was to acquire enough training so I could create audiobooks of the stories I write. I’ve been a performer for years, and this seemed a natural extension.

However, throughout my career, I’ve done ADR work on films I’ve been in. In the last few years, I’ve gotten to know several working voice actors as well. I’ve learned VA is an entirely different skill set than the stage work where the bulk of my experience lies. I might be able to portray Santa Claus intimately one-on-one with a young child, sing Mister Cellophane to the back of the house in a large auditorium, or handle improv or sketch comedy in a club on a Saturday night. Bu a studio with a pop screen two inches away was daunting for me. So I went back to school. Here are the results, my new demo reels:



There are plans to add a recording studio to the home office. The original idea was just to record my novels, but the instructors are encouraged about prospects for booking commercials in the future.


If you are interested in me for any possible voice work, send me an email at dgspeirs@dgspeirs.com