Welcome to a Storyteller’s world…

Hello there, and thank you for visiting my website. A little bit about me:

I’m all about a good story. I believe everyone has one. No matter how dull and quiet and plain you may think your life is, you have a story.

My job is to tell them.

I try to find good stories to tell. And occasionally, great stories reach out and find me. They ask me to pass them along.

Here’s one:

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. I wanted to ride a rocket to the moon and fly to the stars. Too bad I got glasses in the 3rd grade and found out right after that you had to have 20/20 vision to even apply to NASA. My life seemed ruined.

But that same summer, my father introduced me to “Rocket Ship Galileo” by Robert A. Heinlein. And I learned that I could still soar among the stars. And that was okay.

A little while later, my mother introduced me to “The Ship Who Sang” by Anne McCaffrey. And I learned that you could cry among the stars, and that was okay, too.

We moved around a lot as a kid – I went to thirteen different schools from kindergarten to high school graduation. So I never had a lot of friends. To me, life was transient – here today, gone tomorrow, something to be taken away and entirely out of my control. But books, stories, well, I could always be safe in there. So I became a reader.

Life moved on. I read, I wrote, I acted, I watched. I lived, I loved, I lost. But somehow, somewhere along the way, something inside me reached a tipping point. And one day, I finally realized what I was destined to be.

A storyteller.

I am happiest when I am spinning a tale – long or short, lie or truth, it does not matter. I don’t care if it’s my story or yours. Just let me tell a story, and I’m happy. It’s who I was meant to be.

I may be writing my latest novel. I may be working on a screenplay, or rehearsing for a play. I might just be talking with you over coffee. But I’m always, always, telling you a story.

It’s who I am.

But of course, folks want to see a more formal thing at the end of your books. So here’s that “About Me” mumbo jumbo:

Born in New York and raised in California, D. G. Speirs has been a traveler all his life. He graduated top of his class from the Naval Nuclear Power School and served in the U.S. Navy for over a decade. He traveled the world, coaching American Rules Football in Australia, modeling for Issey Miyake in Japan, playing Santa Claus for a stadium full of NFL fans, and making t-shirts for fans of a certain animated television show in Germany (yes, she can still do anything).

He previously owned a marketing firm and was selected to assist other emerging entrepreneurs across the country; he’s been a public speaker, a Chamber of Commerce board member and Rotarian of the Year; he created the first student tracking database for a major naval training facility and was one of the first to deliver singing telegrams in Hollywood three decades ago; He’s been a bonded, discrete courier for the film industry, a taxi driver in Japan, and handled writing travel documents for Robert Bork, The Washington Post, and The Russian Embassy; he’s a retiree, a family man, and a performer of some sort for over nearly five decades. In other words, a pretty average guy with a genius-level IQ. But does he make mistakes? Boy, does he ever. D.G. man. D.G. dumb.

He’s written blogs about Walt Disney World, about life in general, and for the last three years a daily inspirational one that draws wisdom from the intersection of lessons in Eastern philosophy with those taught on a show about candy-colored ponies, pegasi, and unicorns.

He’s a connoisseur of fedoras, bow ties, and black cherry soda, and believes there’s always a better story out there, even if you just have to make it up yourself.

D.G. currently resides in Florida at Storyteller’s Crib with his cats, Houdini and Melon Cyclone George.

And, yes, that’s another story.

Thanks for stopping by to share stories with me. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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