Welcome to a Storyteller’s world…

I’m all about a good story. I believe everyone has one. No matter how dull and quiet and plain you may think your life is, you have a story.

My job is to tell them.

I try to find good stories to tell. And occasionally, great stories reach out and find me. They ask me to pass them along.

Here’s one:

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. I wanted to ride a rocket to the moon and fly to the stars. Too bad I got glasses in the 3rd grade and found out right after that you needed 20/20 vision to even apply to NASA. My life seemed ruined.

That same summer, my father introduced me to Rocket Ship Galileo by Robert A. Heinlein, and I learned I could still soar among the stars. And that was okay.

A little later, my mother introduced me to The Ship Who Sang by Anne McCaffrey, and I learned that you could also cry among the stars, and that was okay, too.

We moved around a lot – I went to thirteen different schools from kindergarten to high school graduation. To me, life was transient – here today, gone tomorrow, something entirely out of my control. So I never had a lot of friends. But books, stories, well, I could always be safe in there. So I became a reader.

Life moved on. I read, I wrote, I acted, I watched. I lived, I loved, I lost, I loved again. I did it all, again and again, until somehow, somewhere along the way, something inside me reached a tipping point. And one day, I finally realized what I was destined to be: a storyteller, happiest when spinning a tale – long or short, lie or truth, it does not matter. I don’t care if it’s my story or yours. Just let me tell a story, and I’m happy. It’s who I was meant to be.

So you may find me writing my latest novel, working on a screenplay, prepping a piece of voice work, preparing to do an interview or a live appearance. Who knows? Perhaps it’s just the two of us, sitting down over a cup of coffee.

I’m not sure what you’ll be doing. Me? In some way, somehow, I’ll always, always, be telling you a story.

It’s who I am.

 — D.G. Speirs

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