The One About… The Anthem of Our Discontent…

The National Anthem. If performed correctly, one minute and twenty-seven seconds of star-spangled ness, designed to stir the emotions in the heart of every red-blooded American. In the military, it was customary to play the Star-

In the army, it is customary to play the Star-Spangled Banner at sunrise each morning.

On television, it used to be the way a station signed off at night, before going to a test pattern in the wee hours of the morning.

Finally, in the stands of countless ballgames, it was a time for most Americans to COMPLETELY IGNORE the thing while they sat, chatting with their neighbors, drinking a beer, taking selfies, texting, doing anything but standing and saluting the flag…

Yet when Colin Kaepernick did something different during the National Anthem and explained the reasons why, this same huddled mass who regularly ignored the Anthem rose up and said: “How dare you!” The gentleman has even been frozen out of a job this season.

Guess what, America? How dare you. How dare you claim insult for someone exercising peaceful, non-violent non-hateful free speech. How dare you up the ante when more do so. How dare you let the President lead you into believing that the jingoistic idea that patriotism outstrips the ideals ensconced in the Constitution itself.

I raised my hand in 1986 to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Last time I checked, that included the first Amendment, Up until now, this proud disabled vet has put a hand over his heart during the National Anthem. Thanks to you, Mr. President, and those like-minded among the populace, the next time I hear it, I’m #TakingTheKnee.


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The One About… The More You Know

For my fellow writers, a More You Know moment…

The world ended yesterday (September 23rd).

Yes, I know, you might have missed it, but go with me here a minute.

This means all your unfinished stories are now your version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Last Tycoon.” They are your “Tragically Unfinished Story.”

Think of how much more you are now worth… now that you’re dead, of course.

However, the market has now been flooded with “Tragically Unfinished Stories.” So your marketing strategies still apply. After all, you might be dead, but you’re not stupid.


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The One About…The Tao of Maud Announcement…

My Tao of Maud project hits a “milestone” of sorts Tuesday (please pardon the pun) – the 1000th daily post since I started the project. Other than a small tweet noting it, I plan not to say anything now. However, I may toss out a press release later to the general media, since the community itself is responding with a collective, “Meh.”

I’ve also started the countdown. Friday was 100 days until the finale of the Tao of Maud as I’ve done it. The name is my copyright, so I control it (unless Hasbro decides they want it), and I have some ideas for the brand. But that is in th future. Today, I’ve sent a note to folks about the landing…

Twitter Header 2

September 22, 2017

Thank you for your expressions of support as we went through Hurricane Irma. My household was visited with much less damage than most, just an extended loss of power.

I’m back at work now, creating, as a recent follower so kindly put it, “useless daily fortune-cookie posts nobody cares about.” Truth is, all it takes is one to care – me, the creator of the project. If I didn’t, if I just gave it a half-hearted try, it would show.

The Tao of Maud, as it is currently structured, is coming to an end. The final daily post will be December 31 – just under 100 days from now. Until then, we’ll continue to gather wisdom from many sources, and provide as many daily fortune-cookie messages as we can.

The Twitter account @TaoOfMaud will remain active so you can review earlier posts, as will the Facebook page and website. All other social media sites will be closed soon after New Year’s Day.

On a personal note, I will again offer a Holiday Card program, this time as a farewell. The cover art is by Drawponies and is quite breathtaking. Look for that announcement soon. As always, I’m always accepting donations to grow my holiday book tree.

Thank you all again for being supporters, followers, and friends. These next few weeks might be a bit melancholy, but who knows? A particular show about ponies was only supposed to last 65 episodes. I like to think anything is possible.

Be well on your journeys. Namaste.

D.G. Speirs
Curator, The Tao of Maud


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