Triangle: Wildcard


In TRIANGLE: WILDCARD, Amy Rogers and Steve Tate return. They are Talents, enhanced humans with special abilities born of personal tragedy. They use these skills now as agents of TRIANGLE, a shadowy organization that works on the edges of society to keep humanity safe from dangerous technology and the people who would abuse it. However, now, instead of battling rogue scientists and political factions seeking a new way to terrorize a populace, they face a new and different threat. The message is hidden inside a devastating terrorist attack, but the signs are there. Someone is striking now at the very heart of TRIANGLE itself.

Someone from its past.

Now Steve and Amy, joined by any old colleague of Steve’s whose trust they haven’t quite earned, must race around the globe in search of the mastermind behind the attack, even as they face deadly threats – one Steve is very familiar with…

And one Amy never dreamed she would ever meet.

Like the previous stories in the series (TRIANGLE: FALSE MIRROR and TRIANGLE: RESCUE), TRIANGLE: WILDCARD is a fun, high-speed thriller that jumps out of the headlines and chases the reader from Coronado to India, Key West to Kyoto and more at a breathtaking pace.


Triangle: Wildcard
by D. G. Speirs
288 pages
Published December 2016 by Perfect Impressions Books
Available as a Trade Paperback and Kindle e-book at

3 Responses to Triangle: Wildcard

  1. Just finished False Mirror. Really enjoyed it! Really! When will the next book be available?

    • D. G. Speirs says:

      Hi, Debbie.

      We had a few mishaps that threw things into confusion here – including a lightning strike, which is apropos considering what Steve and Amy now face. But it now looks like we should have our continuing adventures no later than late summer – sooner if I can help it.

      Glad you liked the story!

      D. G. Speirs

    • D. G. Speirs says:


      Good afternoon, and Happy New Year! It took much longer than expected because of a number of setbacks ( computer failures, lightning strikes, the complete loss of the manuscript twice, a couple of major illnesses, and two deaths in my family…

      …finally, Triangle:Wildcard is completed and available at

      I want to thank you for the incredible patience. Be well, and my the new year’s journey be both safe and enlightening for you.

      D. G. Speirs

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