For other writers…

“Hey, you’re a writer, I want to be a writer, how’d you do it?”

When it comes up in conversation what I do, that (or some variation, is the response I get at least seventy percent of the time (I’m convinced the other thirty percent already are writers and are just playing it on the down-low).

Still, it’s a fair question. And sometimes I’m tempted to recite my version of the apocryphal tale of the Famous Author and the College Lecture as a response.

As I’ve heard it, The author arrived inebriated and stumbled o stage to the podium, where he faced a room full of bright eager young students waiting to hear the secrets he would unlock for them.

He looked at them all unsteadily, then stared at the group for a minute before asking, “Who here in this room wants to be a writer?”

Nearly every hand in the audience shot skyward with enthusiasm.

“Right. So what the hell are you doing in here? You should be out there, writing.” The old author turned,  in some versions drops the microphone, and leaves the building.

The point is simple. Writers write.

But writers also use tools. So I’ll list some of the tools I use, in hopes you might find them useful. Or not. Remember, everyone has their own journey, and if anyone tells you there is a single “perfect way” to do something, chances are they don’t care about your success, only about selling you something.

(To be continued…)

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