Triangle Red Labs Vaults

Free stuff (You really want to look in here)

Wait…there’s free stuff?

Yes, there is. In my novels, the Triangle Red Lab Vault is where all the Doomsday projects get stored. You know, the Good Stuff.

This is my digital version of the vault. Like, who might let you walk in, grab a file and read a page, or two, or thirty?

Have to run for now. But keep watching this space.



Free E-Book Days – Occasionally I’ll set a random day where one of my books is available for free for a 24-hour period. The trick is, you have to follow me on social media (Facebook DGSpeirs, Twitter @DGSpeirs) and pay attention – you won’t get a lot of warning. If you do grab the book, I want something in exchange – a review, either on Amazon or Goodreads. Next free date – Coming soon

Autographed Trade Paperback Drawing – Every month or two, I’ll hold a drawing in conjunction with Goodreads to give away a trade paperback copy of my novel. The link for the next active giveaway will always be just below here.
Next Giveaway – TBD.

VIRTUAL T-Shirt Cannon – I have a TeePublic shop that offers shirt designs based on my TRIANGLE books and my TAO OF MAUD project. Once a quarter, I’ll hold a drawing where I’ll pick a spot randomly on a map, and the follower online who resides closest will get to order the shirt of their choice.

More to come as I think of things… 

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