Triangle: Rescue

Triangle: Rescue

Triangle: Rescue

Your friend’s family has been kidnapped by a Somali warlord. Authorities refuse to help, telling him it must be a hoax. What would you do?

If you’re Steve Tate, rising star on the World FreeRunning Tour, you stand by your friend, and use your own secret resources – a special ally who, let’s say, you’ve “bonded” with, and a Talent that will soon lead you to a great destiny – to save the day!

TRIANGLE: RESCUE is a short story that tells an early adventure in the life of Steve Tate, the hero of author D. G. Speirs’ debut novel, TRIANGLE: FALSE MIRROR. Steve alludes to these events in that story. Now is your chance to actually relive the tale, as Steve races from the sunny sands of Barcelona to the darkest jungles of Africa in a race to save an innocent family, all the while unaware of how this moment from his past holds clues that will shape his future.

Like the other stories in the TRIANGLE series (TRIANGLE: FALSE MIRROR and TRIANGLE: WILDCARD), TRIANGLE: RESCUE is a high-speed thriller that jumps out of the headlines and chases the reader to locations around the world at a breathtaking pace.


Triangle: Rescue
by D. G. Speirs
36 pages
Published January 2013 by Perfect Impressions Books
Available as a Trade Paperback and Kindle e-book at

Autographed Copy of Triangle: Rescue

A copy of Triangle: Rescue, the prequel short story in the Triangle series that introduces the characters of Steve Tate and Heather Anjili. Autographed by the author, tax and shipping are included.