Triangle: False Mirror

NOTE: Copies of this novel are available directly from the author. See bottom of the page for details.

Imagine if you had a terrible gift, granted to you on the worst day of your life. Now imagine that you are utterly alone, the only one in the world this unique ability.

Now imagine someone just like you, standing next to you, neither of you knowing or recognizing this until the day an unspeakable tragedy happens.

Steve Tate and Amy Rogers are Talents – people cursed with an extra ability gifted to them through tragedy. Each thinks they are alone and unique, until the day their paths cross in Nassau – when Steve discovers the woman who just murdered Amy’s boyfriend in front of her is the same one who killed his mother and sister five years ago.

But this murder is part of a much larger conflict – a fight led by TRIANGLE, an organization that works in the shadows to keep humanity safe. Now finding this woman is even more urgent, because she’s after one of Triangle’s most dangerous projects —False Mirror, a device that in the wrong hands is capable of causing chaos and destruction on a global scale.

Steve and Amy must quickly learn to work together as they pursue the murderer across the globe, even as they discover she may hold the key to an even greater mystery…

Who they really are.

Preview samples of this exciting novel here and here.


Triangle: False Mirror
by D. G. Speirs
388 pages
Published September, 2012 by Perfect Impressions Books
Available as a Trade Paperback and Kindle e-book at

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