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The One About… Acting Without A Net…

There was an old joke about improvisational acting – Improv is acting without a net, and Annette is often quite annoyed about it. Yes, a bad pun. But sometimes, Improv is about bad puns, but also about making the unreal … Continue reading

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The One About… The Pony/Brony Movie

I have not hidden my relationship with the MLP: FIM community. I have a particular fondness for the show, but not the fan community. I just don’t have the level of obsessiveness over cotton-candy colored anthropomorphic horses to fit in with … Continue reading

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The One About… They Call this Blow Maria

Something weather related… with apologies to Harve Presnell and music lovers everywhere… They Call this Blow Maria by D. G. Speirs (To the tune of “They Call the Wind Maria” by Frederick Loewe) Oh way out east is another storm … Continue reading

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